Monday, July 1, 2013

Fiduciary Duty of Credit Union CEOs: (correspondence regarding their moral and fiduciary duty to the credit union's member/owners - their ultimate employer)

Questions Asked at 2013 AGM (Vancity and Coast Capital):





I hope my credit union isn't guilty of this:

If this happens at B.C. credit unions, I wonder how much of their previously "earned" performance compensation (bonuses) the senior management will feel duty-bound to return to the credit union?

U.K.'s Co-op Bank agress to 1.5 'bail-in' rescue plan (click link)

If you are a credit union member, please, hold the credit union's leadership accountable.  Email and/or phone them, and ask them to explain the issues I've raised, and brought to their attention:

Vancity CEO - Tamara Vrooman
Coast Capital CEO - Tracy Redies
Envision Financial CEO - Launi Skinner
Prospera Credit Union CEO - Bruce Howell